NYCT: CCM & Inspection Services – DCE Shop Component Repairs Phase 2 at 239th, St, Concourse and East New York Maintenance Shops in Borough of Bronx and Brooklyn

W. Allen Engineering is a SDVOB subconsultant to T.Y. Lin for this project.

Project Description

The CCM is supporting the New York City Transit Authority in the management of the project during the construction and closeout phases at 239th Street, Concourse, and East New York Maintenance Shops.

Scope of Work

WAE is responsible for providing mechanical inspection services at the various sites which  includes:

  • Removal and replacement of new roof mounted exhaust fans
  • Refurbish and upgrade the existing ceiling mounted steam unit heaters with new temperature control complete with all associated valves and fan motor
  • Remove and replace roof top a/c units and roof top air handling complete with its steam control assembly
  • Extension of all plumbing vents to 7 feet