NYCDDC: Complex Pedestrian Ramps Adjacent to Transit Authority, Boroughs of Manhattan & the Bronx under PIN 8502013VP0011P


W. Allen Engineering provided Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Registered Landscape Architects for requirements contracts(HWDRMX02S) for engineering design and related services for various small infrastructure construction projects. WAE is worked under Gibbons, Esposito & Boyce Engineering P.C. as a subconsultant on this contract. The projects for which services were required were on a Task Order basis and commenced spring 2013.

Project: HWP15XMCL

Preliminary and Final Design Services for Simple, Complex & Landmark Pedestrian Ramps, Borough of Manhattan & the Bronx. WAE is providing services for traffic signal and Lighting design. Project work was scheduled to commence November 2014.